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The story of the RSPCA

This film presents a short overview of the history and work of the UK’s most well known animal welfare charity, the RSPCA. It is aimed at the charity’s younger supporters (aged 7-11) and was commissioned for use by the organisation’s outreach teams, as well as for use online. The film is one of three made by our client Shy Camera. Our task was to create graphic storytelling throughout the film, conveying a series of statistics and historical facts. This was achieved using a combination of animated info graphics, compositing and effects work. See the film here; RSPCA

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African Motorcycle Diaries

A motion graphics project created for Diesel Films. Virtual Post, based here in Brighton did all the online work and approached us to create a graphics package that included a title sequence, stings and animated map content. We delivered enough maps to explain the entire journey around the coast of the African continent. A few special effects shots were also needed to explain some hairy moments the bikers encountered on their journey.

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FlySpy Short

We recently helped out on a new short film, Flyspy. Delivering titles & motion graphics. With a raft of top talent joining forces, it was a great job to be a part of. Directed by Bafta winner, Daniel Smith, Executive producer was the talented Martin Williams of Talesmith and the awesome visual effects came from Jellyfish London. Even the Concept artist was Jake Lunt from the new Star Wars film. We can’t name them all so have a closer look here at the trailer and the team involved FLYSPY The premiere screening put on last month at the Mill Bank, London, was exceptional. The cinema was packed and the busy bar was spilling onto the riverside. With a real buzz in the air ( no pun intended ) this was a great night.

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Makanyane Safari Lodge Film

After the success of our online video for Tanzania safari holidays Azura, we were approached to create another project for a South African safari lodge in Madikwe game reserve near the Botswana border. This time working for Sanctuary Retreats who manage holiday locations across the globe. South Africa was a very different experience and this place was extremely luxurious. Filming the hotel just required the beautifully warm evening or morning light. Coupled with much of the country’s wildlife now being managed and protected, the wildlife was in abundance and made for a wealth of subject material to film.  Watch the Makanyane Video here.

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Duke Of The Downs

We worked with a local startup clothing manufacturer this year to produce an online video for their content marketing campaign. The most challenging aspect of this project was to work fast and to budget. We are very pleased with the final film which you can watch here. Dukeofthedowns Music was kindly donated by record label Wrong Planet & artist Devils Gun along with music from Gentlemans Dub Club for the shorter film featured here

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Amazon Book Advert

Craig Shuttlewood is a local illustrator to Brighton who we have helped promote his new book range. We have used animation to breath life into the pages of his lovely childrens books. Craigshuttlewood

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Cowboy builders 2015

A quick revision of the popular Channel 5 show for Ricochet Productions. We have created some new motion graphics to add to the existing 3D opening title sequence. A clever add-on to accommodate the evolving show title.

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Mudmen – Blast From The Past

ITN Productions have recently revamped their website and it is looking slick. One project is the Mudmen series we created all the titles and graphics for. It spanned across 2 series commissioned and even hit the US market for a third series with Mudmen USA

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Amara Selous Safari Film

Online video content for content marketing is becoming more and more popular and with that we are finding ourselves being asked to create more and more work of this kind. This is great for us especially when you are asked to go and film in Tanzania for a holiday company. That is exactly what we did and the results were something we are very proud of. We took a small versatile two man team and had 10 days to shoot everything. The wildlife seemed to know that and for all our efforts the Elephant went on strike and even after tracking them for 5 days we did not see or film a single one. However…. we filmed a Black Rhino and calf, a sighting so rare that even the rangers had not seen one in over 3 years. This along with another piece of luck, as we hung out with a pack of wild dogs for […]