Richard Tilley - Design concept
Dan Fitzgerald - VFX
Chris Tilley - 3D
Peter Parker
Phillip Pready
67 Pall Mall challenged the studio to bring the world of fine wine to the screen by launching a brand new 4K on demand channel. After winning a competitive pitch our challenge was to embody the existing brand, its history, its style, culture and carry it across to television with a new on air identity. 
The stunning locations of 67 Pall Mall needed to be celebrated and communicated through an idea that held onto the existing brand and its heritage, while integrating a new visual identity for television.   

The foundation of the creative hangs on the geometry of the six and the seven. The angles are the mechanic for the entire on air system. Adhering to this formula brings a coherence to the forms and a flow to the information. A strong unity and connection between the existing brand mark design and the channel identity.
Art Deco

Aesthetics, colours shapes and form within the identity are all influenced from the 67 Pall Mall locations. The spectacular wonders of the clubs and vineyards had to be celebrated in the identity. 

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