Amara Selous Safari Film

Online video content for content marketing is becoming more and more popular and with that we are finding ourselves being asked to create more and more work of this kind. This is great for us especially when you are asked to go and film in Tanzania for a holiday company. That is exactly what we did and the results were something we are very proud of. We took a small versatile two man team and had 10 days to shoot everything. The wildlife seemed to know that and for all our efforts the Elephant went on strike and even after tracking them for 5 days we did not see or film a single one. However…. we filmed a Black Rhino and calf, a sighting so rare that even the rangers had not seen one in over 3 years. This along with another piece of luck, as we hung out with a pack of wild dogs for a whole day, somehow eased the frustration of the missing Elephants. Missing is the best word to use here, as apparently they would often drink from the Camps swimming pool. Amara Selous Tanzania

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